IES La Rábida

Our school is the oldest in our province. It opened its doors in 1856 and historically, it has been a rather important cultural referent in our province. We have been fortunate to have some illustrious students such as Juan Ramón Jiménez, Literature Nobel Prize winner in 1957, or Antonia Arrobas, the first Spanish woman who studied Secondary Education. Nowadays, IES La Rábida offers Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training for more than 1000 students. Our staff (66 teachers) is highly motivated to improve different aspects of their teaching practice. In this sense, we have a growing number of teachers who use CLIL methodology in their classes. Apart from that, we are involved in life-long learning projects dealing with "Skills" and the use of "ICT". Also, we are keen on organising activities related to recycling and sustainability (Recapacicla), preserving our cultural heritage (Sentir el Patrimonio) and in connection with equality, mediation and daily coexistence (Convivencia Plus). Another key aspect for us is to foster internationalization, and in order to promote it, every school year we arrange cultural trips, and exchange programs with other European High schools.

With our Erasmus+ project: “Meeting Point: Leonardo Da Vinci” we would like our students to get in contact with young people from the partner schools, share experiences and learn about the different cultural and natural Heritages and how we can preserve them. Furthermore, we would like them to appreciate the importance of Leonardo Da Vinci as a Reinassance Man and as a common European cultural referent.