Our school is located in the outskirts of Mazzarino, a small town in a hilly area, 40 km from the southern coast of Sicily. Mazzarino is a very ancient town: its origins can be traced back to the XII century. Agriculture is the main economic activity. In our school, located in a three-storey modern building, around 1300 pupils can choose among different courses:Liceo Classico(Humanities), Liceo Linguistico(Foreign languages), Liceo Scientifico(Scientific subjects), Liceo delle Scienze Umane(Pedagogy), AFM((Accountancy and business), CAT (Topography and constructions),Alberghiero(Hotellerie),Agrario(Agriculture). 

Our school has taken part to plenty of Erasmus project to help our students to improve their language and IT skills and to become active European citizens.

This project caught our attention since the preservation of our Cultural Heritage is very important for us. In fact, in the last years, the school has arranged a historical parade to celebrate Prince Carlo Maria Carafa, who ruled Mazzarino in the XVII century and was very active in the spreading of culture (he founded two typographies, wrote some books, supported the development of education and fostered the building of wonderful baroque churches and palaces in Mazzarino). We believe that this project will raise our students' awareness on cultural heritage preservation.

Social cohesion is very important for us too because a lot of immigrants live in our town and some of them join our school. We feel that knowing, understanding and respecting different cultural traditions is essential to the development of multiculturalism and European Citizenship.

Moreover, we would like our pupils to develop a proactive attitude towards environmental issues, and this is one of the aims of this project.

Last but not least, the project will allow our pupils to rediscover the figure of Leonardo Da Vinci, an Italian genius known all over the world!